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Poison Apple Candle Collection

Poison Apple Candle Collection

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Unleash your inner enchantress with our Poison Apple candle, a bewitching blend that captures the essence of dark magic and forbidden fruit. This tantalizing scent combines the alluring aroma of ripe apples with the mysterious notes of black violet and saffron, creating an intoxicating atmosphere that transports you to a world of fairytales and spooky allure.

As you light this candle, feel the presence of a mischievous witch, her spellbinding powers woven into every flicker of the flame. The Poison Apple scent fills the air, enticing you with its sweet yet haunting fragrance. Allow your imagination to take flight as you journey through a fairytale world, where danger and desire dance on a razor's edge.

Notes of black violet and Macintosh apple.

9oz jar
4oz travel tin
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