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Apothecary 51

Half-O-Ween Wood Wick Candle

Half-O-Ween Wood Wick Candle

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Get ready to ignite the spirit of Halloween in the midst of summer with our electrifying Halfway to Halloween candle. This unique creation captures the essence of a vibrant celebration where watermelon meets pumpkin, and the spooky and the sunny coalesce in a thrilling fusion.

As you light this candle, immerse yourself in a world where the Halloween lifestyle knows no season. The essence of watermelon brings a refreshing twist, while the presence of pumpkin adds a touch of autumnal magic, creating a fragrance that defies convention and sparks joy.

Embrace the freedom to celebrate Halloween whenever the spirit moves you. Allow the vibrant energy of our Halfway to Halloween candle to transport you to a world where pumpkins and costumes are in season year-round. Experience the thrill of embracing the darkness in the midst of sunshine, creating a perfect balance between spooky and sunny.

Wooden Wick
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