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Apothecary 51

Cranberry Mimosa Wood Wick Candle

Cranberry Mimosa Wood Wick Candle

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Picture this: a bubbly celebration of champagne effervescence, dancing hand-in-hand with the zesty citrus twirl and the sweet-tart embrace of ripe cranberries.

As you light the candle the room comes alive with the infectious spirit of merriment. The champagne notes pop like imaginary confetti, filling the air with an effervescent sparkle. Citrus bursts forth, a lively and playful partner in this aromatic dance, reminiscent of the joyous laughter that accompanies holiday festivities. Meanwhile, the cranberry undertones add a whimsical twist, like the secret ingredient to a recipe for holiday cheer.

And let's not forget about the vessel – a true showstopper in radiant copper. As the candle flickers and casts a warm glow, the vessel's lustrous charm enhances the magical ambiance, turning your space into a holiday wonderland.

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