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Apothecary 51

Calm the F Down Mist

Calm the F Down Mist

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Are your kids out of control? Is your boss breathing down your neck? Does grocery shopping send you into a murderous rage? Fee like you could lose your shit at any moment? Well, you need to Calm the F Down. Our fragrance mist made with relaxing lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood assists in the most stressful of situations. Give yourself a much needed break with this Anxiety Relief Body Mist.

Crystal Infusion

A stone for clearing the mind of confusion, stress and unease. It soothes panic and fear. Aids in emotional healing. Also known as the rescue stone.

Black Tourmaline
Allows for your overfall vibe to to be cleansed and reworked so you are not being weighed down by the heaviness of day to day stress.

Shake Well to Activate Magic
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